Family Traditions

Zala Arms produces more than 80 types of cartridges for shotguns and sells them in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine Sweden, France, Finland, Poland, Germany ,Thailand, Norway, Czech Republic , Hungary , Austria , Netherlands , USA


The company is among the leaders on the Baltic market

Family Traditions

Even before 1995 Alvydas Zala, founder of Zala Arms, having bought bullet casting moulds, started to make bullets for shotguns, first for himself and his friends, then for hunters of his small home-town and hunting clubs.

In 1998 he started a company manufacturing bullets. His sons Valdas  came to work there as well. Overtime the firm gradually developed and grew introducing new technologies and expanding into new markets. Currently Valdas Zala has succeded his father as the head of the company.

Quality is the main feature of the company

All constituent parts obtained from world leading manufacturers comply with the C.I.P. standard.Bullets are loaded by automatic machine made in Italy. They are thoroughly checked and tested at every cycle of production.

Zala Arms Today

Zala Arms produces more than 80 types of cartridges for shotguns and sells them in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Sweden, France, Finland, Poland, Germany ,Thailand, Norway, Czech Republic, Hungary , Austria , Netherlands, USA
The company is among the leaders on the Baltic market

The cartridges is created using the most famous shooters recommendations, experience.


We are ammo manufacturer in Lithuania

Since in 1998, Zala Arms produced more than 12 ml. units of cartridges for shotguns .75% of the production consist cartridges for shotguns with slugs. 60% of the cartridges are designed for practical and competition shooting.

Valdas Zala

I place -competition Lithuanian Cup Hunting Horn 2015 ( running boar)

Valdas Zala

Director of Zala Arms

Tadas Jurciukonis

III place - competition Zala Arms -Leader Sport 2016

Tadas Jurciukonis

Guns master of Zala Arms

Nerijus Ridikas

I place - competition Zala Arms -Leader Sport 2016 II place - competition Zala Arms - Leader Sport 2014

Nerijus Ridikas

Manager of sales and purchases of Zala Arms

Virgilijus Grybe (LT)

I choose this cartridge, because it helps me  to win  competitions !

Virgilijus Grybe (LT) ( Winner of shooting competition )
Vitaly Pedchenko (UA)

Special thanks to Zala Arms for their shotgun ammo. I am using slugs they designed for IPSC for several years now. I really like accuracy, low recoil and high-quality of Zala ammunition. I tested and use several types of slugs: Zala Target, Zala Target IPSC Line and Zala Sport. Zala target is inexpensive ammo for trainings and Zala Sport (no recoil at all) for shotgun competitions. My friends with semi-auto shotguns use Zala Target IPSC Line. Thank you for your great ammo which helps me winning competitions! It really helped me to get Ukraine Shotgun Cup 2018, silver on Central-European Shotgun Open 2018 in Hungary and get to Top-10 shooters of the world on Shotgun World Shoot 2018 in France.

Vitaly Pedchenko (UA) ( Winner of shooting competition )
Vitalijus Grincenko

IPSC sports cooperation with "ZALAARMS" started in 2014. Thanks to their manufactured 9mm LUGER ammunition, in short period, managed to Win lots of IPSC international competitions, establish me at a TOP of IPSC Lithuania Production division ranking, improve positions at European and World level. With ZALAARMS production this challenging way became much easier.  

Vitalijus Grincenko ( Winner of IPSC shooting competition )
Martins Gangis (LV)

I have been using Zala Arms LS cartridges for nine years. Thanks to these cartridges I became a winner of numerous shooting competitions. I opted for these cartridges because they ensure precision. Every new batch is as good as the old one. It means that the quality of the product is very high. When I use LS cartridges, I am pretty sure that they will never fail me. The result is secured provided I myself do everything in a proper way.

Martins Gangis (LV) ( Winner of shooting competition )