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These high quality cartridges have been developed using the most famous shooters recommendations, experience. The powder charge, velocity and projectile weight are optimally adjusted to the IPSC shooting with a shotgun.

Sporting Line slug

Are you already a leader? You want to remain such, don’t you?
Zala Arms “Zala Sport” and Zala Arms “Target “are most popular cartridges among shooters. Let the victory become a tradition !

Sporting Line

The cartridges specially designed for victories. The top quality composites: “Cheddite France” shell, “Nobel Sport” gunpowder, four section container ,recoil reducing high precision pressed pellets ensuring a precise and even distribution of pellets even in high velocity. The cartridges for those who enjoy crashing plates.

Eco Line (New)

Zn Slugs and Steel Slugs ammunition


We are ammo manufacturer in LIthuania

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