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The most popular cartridges in the Baltic States

Made In Lithuania


Are you already a leader? You want to remain such, don’t you? Zala Arms “Zala Sport” is most popular cartridges.


The cartridges specially designed for competition shooting in 50 m distance and moving target competition in 35 m distance.
Ideal for running boar target shooting.

IPSC Line New

These high quality cartridges have been developed using the most famous shooters recommendations, experience. The powder charge, velocity and projectile weight are optimally adjusted to the IPSC shooting with a shotgun.

Slugs for shotguns ZALA

The fron part of slug is made of lead – antimony alloy. The slug has canonical part, cylindrical casing with side slots, centering ring and the tip. Variations – 12-28; 12-32; 16-28; 20-25; 28-20

Zala Slug

Perfect balistic maximizing you performance


We are ammo manufacturer in LIthuania

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